Never Ending Post! | A Search Game

Rules: 1. Start at Wikipedia Simple English with one key word (topic). Copy down a few facts. Choose a second key word. 2. Use the Google search engine to find a site with the second key word. Choose a third key word. Keep repeating! The Ideal Post: Skips around from topic to topic. Demonstrates different search strategies (e.g. Google images, Google news, maps) or certain types of sites (e.g. digital encyclopedias, dictionaries).

Wikipedia S.E: Cats

Cats are carnivorous and they live inside and out. Cats are smart and warn people that there is something wrong.


National Geographic Kids: Cheetahs


kate cheetahs!!!kate cats!!!
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Cooking Tastes Good!!!

food-pasta-tomato-theme-workspaces-largeCooking is really fun and tastes great. Every Tuesday night and Saturday. I just started cooking for supper and the first thing I cooked was pasta. I stole my dad’s pasta recipe!!!! 🙂 HA-HA-HA!!! Anyway… I find my recipes in a cookbook its called ”The Silver Spoon For Children.” But what reminded me to write this post is at dogo news when there was a post of cakes! The link will be down below! 🙂 I hope you star cooking and of course have fun cooking it I mean doing it!!! 🙂

And The Winner Is…

heart-1187487_960_720SARAH ONLINE!!!!! Congradulations Sarah I hope you get chosen for the best blog at the edublogs challenge!!! Im not saying that yours isn’t cause it was soooo hard to decide who to chose. The things I like the most about her blog is:

-The posts (of course its very interesting)

-Clear writing (I under stand clearly here is a little paragraph of her post…)

I love sugary sweets just as much as the next person, but all around the world, people are Continue reading

Comments And Shout out to…

When I went on:

  • Rhianna’s Blog
  • Ethan’s Blog

I went on those blogs to do the 1/2/3 thing. The third one you have to leave a comment. When I was at the third, I found a blog that blew me away! It was amazing! It was Walker’s Blog! When I got there I left a comment and I kept on scrolling down his blog and it was really fun and cool. You should go and visit him. He would need more commenters! Also go and check out his class to. Here is the link to all blogs: Continue reading

Stop War And Slavery, And Just Learn!


Today I’m talking about child slavery and children in war because we have to free them one day or now.

Vivienne Harr is an 8 year old girl raising money for child slavery. Child slavery is children who are slaves. Vivienne is trying to raise 100,000$.That’s right 100,000$ for child slavery. She made a lemonade stand and she calls it a “Stand Lemonade”. If she gets 100,000$ she will be able to free 500 child slaves. Continue reading

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